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When my mom emailed me the link to this blog post I was instantly intrigued.  I have a blue & white/indigo obsession, as do most of my friends.  And since I think of my love...

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Once again in 2009 Nancy Meyers took her audience into a visual world, that was not only fabulous to look at but also realistic. With time, effort and a lot of attention to detail, Meyers and her team created one of my personal favorite movie sets...


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Latest Trends posted by Holland Mervis

They meet you at the door each day, they are always happy to see you, they are part of the family and they never ask for anything in return, we love our dogs. After a long day of running around the yard, going on walks, and playing fetch, your dog is ready to relax. Typically dog beds are thrown in the corner of the room and not given much thought, but why not make a statement with it? ...

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